Health Inspections: El Toro


Health Inspections: El Toro

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED


Address: 4448 Indian Ripple Road, Beavercreek  

Date of inspection: July 5  

Violations: Recommend training for all staff. Areas of improvements: hand washing, sanitizer concentration, cooling of TCS foods, thawing of TCS foods, proper storage to prevent cross contamination, proper use of wiping cloths.  

As stated in CCP report, improper handling of ready to eat foods was observed, as well as cross contamination of flour tortillas with gloves used to handle raw chicken and raw beef without changing. Observed employees placing food straight from the fryer basket to a cloth towel, to a plate. Discussed with PIC that the food cannot touch the towel, tongs must be used to transfer the food to the plate.  

Many violations found with foods improperly stored which could cause cross contamination.  

Cheese sauce uncovered and stored under raw ground beef in the walkin. Corrected.  

Bulk solid and liquid foods not labeled once removed from original containers.  

Wiping cloths found on counters not properly stored in sanitizer buckets.  

Found raw beef roast thawing without refrigeration or cold running water. Had PIC placed in walking until time for preparation.  

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