Beavercreek woman intended to profit by recording child rape


Beavercreek woman intended to profit by recording child rape

A Beavercreek woman sentenced to 12 years for sexual battery on a 7-year-old child videotaped the crimes with the intent of profiting from them, authorities said. 

Renee Deen, 27, recorded her sex acts with the child while he was sleeping, thinking she would receive money for the recordings she sent on Skype, Greene County Assistant Prosecutor Alice DeWine said Friday. 

Deen, described by her attorney as having mental health issues, “believed that she would receive money in exchange for (the video) and she did not receive any,” DeWine said. 

Deen was labeled a Tier 3 sex offender by Greene County Common Pleas Court Judge Michael Buckwalter on Friday– nearly a year since the crime was first reported - for her actions involving a child who was known to her. 

Deen was initially charged with rape. She pleaded guilty in January to sexual battery and pandering obscenities and faced a maximum sentence of 32 years in prison and a $60,000 fine. 

Deen is “quite remorseful for what she’s done” defense attorney Adrian King told Buckwalter. 

“Those mental health issues made her very, very subject to manipulation, which was done by the party at the other end of the Internet connection,” King said. 

That person “caught Miss Deen at a time when she was quite vulnerable,” King added. “She had the mental health issues. She had other stresses and things that were going on in her life…..that were affecting her ability to make good decisions. 

“All of those things came together and made her make a very, very poor decision that she deeply regretted – and does regret to this day.” 

King noted that in committing the crimes while the child slept, “she did it… such a way to attempt to not traumatize” him. 

“Apparently, the child is not traumatized and is doing quite well,” he said. 

The crimes were reported Feb. 20, 2016, but Deen was not arrested until April 20, after Beavercreek police obtained a copy of a video. The arrest was made at her Edwin Drive home and she was booked into the Greene County Jail on charges of sexual battery involving forcible rape and pandering obscenity involving a minor. 

Bond was set at $300,000. Deen “cooperated with law enforcement,” King said. “She cooperated with the mental health exams” before pleading guilty in January.

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