Brookville shootout suspect sentenced to 15 years



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Brookville shootout suspect sentenced to 15 years

Three people fired guns Oct. 31, 2016 during a shootout at the Brookville Speedway gas station. All were in the same Montgomery County Common Pleas courtroom Friday as Conrad Davis was sentenced to 15 years in prison, a much lighter term than prosecutors wanted.

Davis, 27, and his parents cried as Davis apologized to Brookville police officers Frank Graci and Henry Edds — who is still struggling after being shot in an artery in his arm.

Davis also apologized to the one person involved that didn’t have a gun — his 31-year-old fiance Ashley Sides of Cookeville, Tenn., who died at the scene. Sides was shot three times by Graci after Graci thought Edds was shot by Sides.

The officers were cleared by a grand jury of any wrongdoing. This news organization has requested the full investigative file on the case, including surveillance footage taken at Speedway.

Brookville shooting suspect cries on way to jail
“Almost every night since Oct. 31, 2016, I lay in bed sleepless, reliving the tragic events we set in motion,” Davis said. “When you were on the ground and you yelled for help, there was no thought process, only passion to protect the one that I loved. How misguided I was by drugs and the choices we both made.”
Addressing Edds, Davis said: “Words do not exist that convey the soul-tormenting sorrow for the choices I made when our lives briefly crossed paths.”
Judge Dennis Langer’s sentence was on the lower end of what was a 10- to 37-year possible range after Davis pleaded guilty last month to involuntary manslaughter and two counts of felonious assault on a police officer.
Langer gave Davis five years each for crimes against Sides and Graci and eight years for shooting Edds plus a seven-year gun specification — but ran all three counts concurrently. The judge mentioned Davis’ remorse and mitigating factors as reasons for his decision. Davis earned 102 days of jail-time credit.
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Davis tearfully apologized about shooting an officer as he walked to jail the day after the shooting, a video Langer mentioned in court.
“He’s earned every single day of that sentence,” said Montgomery County assistant prosecutor Dan Brandt. “The state obviously argued for more time in our sentencing memorandum. We feel that was appropriate.
“I still feel that would have been appropriate for him to get more time. Obviously, I respect the court’s decision.”
Victim witness advocate Tara Poteet read a letter from Sides’ brother, who said his sister was a wonderful mother to her three children.
“When you make careless, bad decisions, there are consequences and now it’s time for him face those,” Jeffrey Sides wrote, asking for the maximum sentence. “His actions have destroyed what happiness I had left.”
The Brookville officers didn’t speak, but Langer did read from statements of Edds and the officer’s family.
“My family and I have gone through long days and nights because of the surgery to repair my arm from the gunshot wound,” Edds’ statement said, adding that he only has partial use of his arm and hand and can’t sleep more than a few hours at a time because of pain.
“Words cannot adequately describe the pure panic and fear that gripped our family that day,” Edds’ wife wrote, saying Edds’ surgery took 7½ hours.
The city of Brookville put out a press release that said “the criminal conduct of Mr. Davis during the incident resulted in the death of Ashley Sides” and that Graci is back at work.
Defense attorney Antony Abboud said Davis’ parents were in shock about the tragic case. “So, any amount of years they’re obviously going to be upset about,” Abboud said. “We’re certainly glad that (the judge) gave him a sentence on the lower part of what the court could sentence him. It could have been a lot worse.”
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