Two beers can lead to a lot of imbalance


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Man ODs in children’s section of new downtown Dayton library

Two beers can lead to a lot of imbalance

ENGLEWOOD – Two beers, the standard answer for someone caught after drinking too much, was the excuse a male made while trying to negotiate walking along the 200 block of Eller Avenue in the early evening.

Those two beers caused the subject enough imbalance that he had to put both hands on the ground to steady himself to sit.

Unable to successfully walk by himself to his own address on Beechgrove Drive, he was arrested and taken to the Montgomery County Jail. His knapsack and contents – including two folding knives and a multipurpose tool, were taken to his residence and released to his sister.

There was also a partially-filled beverage container with beer, which the officers emptied. It was not clear if the subject considered that his second or third beer of the evening.

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