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David Letterman and Nick and George Clooney talk about Dayton

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David Letterman and Nick and George Clooney talk about Dayton photo
George Clooney and David Letterman react to a joke about Dayton from George’s father Nick Clooney. (Image from show)
David Letterman and Nick and George Clooney talk about Dayton photo
George Clooney’s parents Nina Bruce Clooney and Nick Clooney appeared on Late Night with David Letterman on Tuesday. Dayton was mentioned. (Image from show)

By Amelia Robinson

Staff Writer

Dayton helped get big laughs for a second time in mere weeks Tuesday on “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Only this time the Gem City wasn’t the punchline of a joke.

Actor George Clooney appeared on the show to promote his new World War II movie “The Monuments Men.”

His father Nick Clooney plays an older version of his son’s character Frank Stokes in the movie about men and women tasked with rescuing art masterpieces from the Nazis.

The elder Clooney and his wife Nina Bruce Clooney were in New York for the movie’s premiere and back stage at Letterman’s talk show.

The cameras panned to the couple after George Clooney and Letterman talked about Nick’s role in the movie.

Letterman said he thought he remembered Nick from Nick’s days as a broadcaster in Cincinnati and Dayton.

“Dad, did you work in Dayton?,” George Clooney asked.

“I’ve been fired from most of the major cities in the United States,” his father responded to big laughs.

“We have something in common then,” Letterman added.

Nick Clooney, a former Cincinnati Post columnist and veteran broadcast journalist, has hosted several community events in the Dayton area.

He is widely known as a former host for cable channel American Movie Classics and for his book “The Movies That Changed Us: Reflections on the Screen.”

Based on a true story and book by Robert M. Edsel, the Monument Men also stars Cate Blanchett, Bill Murray, John Goodman and Matt Damon.

Tuesday night’s was a far kinder mention of Dayton than the one from a few weeks ago.

Comedian and actor Louis C.K. compared Beijing, China to Dayton when he appeared on Letterman January 28.

The talk show host asked C.K about his recent trip to China for the show Louie on the FX cable network and what he thought of Beijing.

“What is the city like?” Letterman asked. “Is it westernized? Is it like a huge New York?”

“It is more like a giant Dayton, Ohio,” C.K. responded. “It is. It’s a huge smokey. … You can’t breathe because of the pollution. You just can’t breathe. It is brutal.”

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