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Dayton TV anchor, personality recovering from major illness

Sallie Taylor out of intensive care following bleeding blood vessel in head


Dayton TV anchor, personality recovering from major illness photo
Former WHIO reporter and anchor Sallie Taylor and her then 18-month-old son Trent in 2008. Taylor left WHIO in 2007 to become a stay-at-home mom. She now works for WDTN. (Archive photo by Amelia Robinson)

By Amelia Robinson

Staff Writer

A well-known Dayton television personality, spokeswoman and news reporter is recovering from a major health scare.

Sallie Taylor, a former WHIO-TV reporter and weekend anchor and current guest co-host and contributor for WDTN-TV’s “Living Dayton,” thanked God for answered prayers in a heartfelt Facebook post today, in which she shared news of her recent health scare.

Taylor told me today she suffered what she thought was a migraine headache with neck pain while dealing with a stressful situation last Wednesday.

She called her doctor the following day and was told to take Motrin, which didn’t help.

She went to the doctor Friday and eventually ended up in Miami Valley Hospital South.

Doctors were even more concerned after seeing test results.

“All of the sudden they said I am in critical condition and I am being Careflighted (to Miami Valley Hospital’s main campus in Dayton.),” Taylor said. “Everything goes through your mind: Is this going to happen? Am I going to live? Am I going to die?”

Doctors feared Taylor had a brain aneurysm and could need surgery.

She was placed in the intensive care unit Friday and remained their until Tuesday, when doctors determined the bleeding in her head and pain in her neck was caused by a blood vessel that broke away from an artery for an unknown reason.

Despite the uncertain days, Taylor said she felt blessed it wasn’t more serious.

“It wasn’t an aneurysm. The vein stopped bleeding on its own. It was in a ‘good area’,” she said.

Taylor said she learned a very important lesson about paying attention to her body.

What one thinks is just an unusually strong headache can be a bleeding blood vessel or worse, an aneurysm.

“Don’t be afraid to go to the doctor. Don’t be afraid to go a hospital,” she encouraged. “I had a feeling something wasn’t right. I guess I was being stubborn.”

Here is what the award-winning journalist wrote on her Facebook page:

“I am alive today, waking up at home this morning, and not in Miami Valley Hospital’s ICU, only by the Grace Of God! Thank you God for answering my prayers and everyone’s prayers! I also want to thank my husband for his love and support. I can count on my hands, how many times I’ve seen my ‘tough hockey playing’ husband cry… this being one. He made home life normal for Trent, when it was far from normal. Last Wed., I thought I had a REALLY bad migraine, but I had a bleeding blood vessel in my head. I will tell my story soon. But today I must give thanks not only to God, my husband, my son, but my family and friends, too. Thank you to my parents for their support and never ending love! My sister-in-law Julie Taylor was of course the first one at the hospital in record time, and she did EVERYTHING for me, to perfection, thank you so much! My Brother spent the 1st night in the hospital hallway, never leaving me. wow, thank you! My nephews Sam Taylor & Chance Taylor picked Trent up from Hockey, calmed him down, and played with him all weekend. They made him feel great and right at home. Thank you! My friends prayed and prayed and supported me in every way. And so did prayer warriors from SouthBrook Christian Church and Cancer Hope at SouthBrook. Prayers were answered! Thank you! I also need to thank all my MVH Careflight and ICU nurses! And thank you Doctors Jim Tsatalis & Bryan Ludwig. They are both unbelievable!! I trust them with my life! From the bottom of my heart, and ‘head,’ I can’t thank you all enough!!! Blessed to have you all in my life! Hug and kiss your family and friends. Tell them you love them. Live for today and never forget, with God ALL things are possible!”

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