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Her cause: ‘love of children’

Beth Mann wins Fitz Award.


Her cause: ‘love of children’ photo
Beth Mann is president of the Dayton-based group For Love of Children. CONTRIBUTED

By Erica Harrah

Contributing Writer


Beth Mann, 56, was recently honored with the 14th annual Brother Raymond L. Fitz Award for her service to the community as board president of For Love of Children (FLOC). To date she has raised over a half million dollars in funds for FLOC, which works with more than 5,000 children in the greater Dayton area who are neglected, abused, in foster care or who are in need of community resources.

Mann lives in Centerville with her husband, attorney Doug Mann of Dyer, Garofalo, Mann and Schultz. He is widely known as the spokesman in the legal firm’s TV ads.

How she got involved: “Raising three children was the most delightful and magical ride ever. Then they grew up and had the audacity to have their own lives. My husband Doug told me to check out FLOC. Our children had been advertising for the Christmas for Kids program for 17 years. I just thought they looked cute on TV. I called the next day and have been deeply involved with FLOC since the Christmas of 2008. It is the most meaningful, fulfilling, gratifying organization I have ever had the honor to work with,” said Mann.

What she does: Mann said her main responsibility is to listen closely to the specific needs of the children FLOC serves and to coordinate community resources in a way that will serve them best.

As an example Mann said that children taken into care are given five to seven minutes to gather their belongings. For years, this transition was made by handing that child a garbage bag. This inspired the Comfort a Child Program, one of ten FLOC services.

“We have asked the Dayton community through schools, churches, businesses — any collective format — to imagine what items at home comfort you most,” Mann said. “What is it that makes home, home?”

She said donations go directly to children’s services and will be given to a child in need the next day.

Additionally Mann says she raises funds on a daily basis, makes presentations to businesses throughout Dayton, coordinates schedules for tutoring and mentoring, and interviews new volunteers.

What is the most satisfying part about volunteering: “The most fulfilling aspect of working with FLOC is that you absolutely see your hard work transition into color and joy for children who have had little of that in their lives,” said Mann.

How others can volunteer: Mann said that that there are no specific qualifications to get involved. Some of the ways to get involved include tutoring, mentoring, and fundraising. “We need a voice that sings strong and steady for our children who have so little to sing about,” said Mann.

Contact information: Those interested in volunteering or learning more about FLOC can visit their Facebook page or their website at or call at 937-223-FLOC (3562) or 937-223-3562.


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