Even more darkness: 2024 eclipse will be better in Ohio


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Even more darkness: 2024 eclipse will be better in Ohio

If you missed today's celestial spectacle, you'll get another chance to see a total solar eclipse in just a few years. 

The Great American Eclipse did not disappoint as people across the area donned special dark glasses and gathered in yards, outside office buildings and parks to gaze at the rare event.

For people in Southwest Ohio and the Miami Valley, 90 percent of the sun was covered by the moon, leaving just a sliver of visible sunlight when viewed through the special shades. 

The Miami Valley was expected to only see 90% coverage of the solar eclipse. Here is what 90% looked like in the Dayton-metro area.

People in other parts of the country experienced a total solar eclipse today. For people in the Cincinnati-Dayton region, that opportunity will happen April 8, 2024. According to NASA, the next total solar eclipse will happen that day, traversing diagonally from Texas toward the Northeast. 

Kate Bartley after the eclipse in Tennessee

While it's rare that a total solar eclipse is visible from the same spot on Earth within 100 years, that will be the case for people in Carbondale, Ill. They will be able to see the total solar eclipse today and again in 2024.

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