Posted: 11:24 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2013


Bill would delay tuition costs

Bill would delay tuition costs
Jim Witmer
Second year Environmental Engineering student Melissa Lacaze shops for text books with her daughter Scarlett in the Sinclair College bookstore Wednesday. Ohio Democrats propose a “pay forward, pay back” system that would replace tuition for state schools. Students would pay a percent of their income after graduation for a certain number of years. This idea is already moving in Oregon and Washington. JIM WITMER / STAFF

By Meagan Pant

Staff Writer

Ohio’s college students are among the most indebted in the nation by the time they graduate. But what if they no longer had to pay tuition and fees upfront?

Two Ohio Democrats are proposing just that: Instead of taking out loans to pay for classes, students would sign a binding contract stating they will contribute a certain percent of their income for a certain number of years.

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