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Births, marriages and divorces


Good Samaritan

Wednesday, Dec. 16

ADKINS, Christen and Dustan, Dayton, boy.

Monday, Dec. 28

PETKUS, Chelsey N. and DOYLE, Scott A., Centerville, girl.

Miami Valley

Tuesday, Dec. 1

WATKINS, Megan and Frank, Casstown, boy.

Wednesday, Dec. 16

FRALEY, Caitlyn A. and FLENER, McGovern S., girl.

Thursday, Dec. 17

TAYLOR, Jeanette and Todd, Dayton, girl.

Sunday, Dec. 20

BARTA, Karen E. and David M., Beavercreek, girl.

Thursday, Dec. 24

HYMER, Ashley M., Dayton girl.

Tuesday, Dec. 29

MORGAN, Jessica and Brian, Riverside, girl.

Our policy

Births are provided by hospitals. Home births will be published if the parents send a copy of the birth certificate and a telephone number to the Dayton Daily News for confirmation.

Marriage Licenses

Issued Dec 18:

SALTAR, Joshua, 22, and DAVIS, Anna, 23, both of Miamisburg.

PALMER, David, 63, and MOORE, Teresa, 51, both of Kettering.

SCOTT, Darrell, 51, Huber Heights, and BARKSDALE, Jane, 49, West Carrollton.

TOLLIVER, Garry, 64, and EDDY, Patricia, 67, both of Dayton.

McKEEL, Matthew, 25, and ATENCIO, Charleen, 27, both of Kettering.

DERRINGER, Joseph, 22, Dayton, and LARSON, Kathryn, 20, Kettering.

GESWEIN, Kyle, 30, Mt., Holly, NC., and WHITEMAN, Melissa, 30, Dayton.

LANGSTON, Adam, 24, and THOMPSON, Lauren, 22, both of West Carrollton.

MUSIC, Scott, 47, and WELCH, Dorinda, 41, both of Dayton.

BLAIR, Michael, 35, New Carlisle, and DENNIS, Jennifer, 29, Huber Heights.

HARDY, Derrick, 25, and PHILLIPS, Erica, 22, both of Kettering.

CASEY, Judas, 33, and HAYES, Christina, 24, both of West Carrollton.

HERRON, Jason, 24, Kettering, and HODGES, Mikaela, 24 Milford, OH.

PEASE, Ryan, 20, Dayton, and, SIMPSON, Lindsey, 18, Miamisburg.

ROBINSON, Daniel, 23, West Carrollton, and FLORES, Amber, 23, Huber Heights.

LILLY, George, 50, and DEBORD, Hollie, 33, both of Miamisburg.

Issued Dec 21:

DUNCAN, Gary, 49, and DUNCAN, Dena, 39, both of Riverside.

PERKINS, Arthur, 25, and COTTRILL, Courtine, 19, both of Dayton.

BRUNTZ, Craig, 52, and BURR, Tammie, 48, both of West Carrollton.

Issued Dec 22:

HIPSHER, Regan, 44, and BREWER, Tami, 33, both of Miamisburg.

HAIN, Chad, 29, and MARTIN, Lorie, 31, both of Vandalia.

YOUNG, Joseph, 25, Dayton, and SWIMER, Loghan, 21, Vandalia.

VOSS, Gavin, 30, and MARLOW, Janice, 25, both of Dayton.

STACY, Joshua, 26, and BUCKUS, Mary, 38, both of Miamisburg.

HENRY, Jerry, 69, Brookville, and MILLER, Jill, 58, Fairmount, IN.

THOMAS, Matthew, 64, and THOMAS, Malinda, 62, both of Dayton.

LYONS, Christopher, 28, and MAGNUSON, Catha, 30, both of Dayton.

GAY, Jordan, 22, and McDANIEL, Avianna, 25, both of Dayton.

ENDICOTT, John, 32, and SIZEMORE, Dawn, 24, both of Dayton.


Granted Dec 18:

MEADOWS, Joan, vs. Kirk, both of Dayton.

AHLERS-HART, Jennifer, Dayton, vs. HART, Douglas, Spring Valley, OH.

GEORGE, Nirada, and Nicole, both of Huber Heights.

CUMMINS, Jack, Jr., vs. Theresa, both of Kettering.

GRALKA, Shelley, vs. Walter, both of Dayton.

QUILLEN, Sarah, Dayton, vs. Myron, London, OH.

WATSON, Russell, Dayton, vs. Mary, Kettering.

GREEN, Amanda, Dayton, vs. Clint, Economy, IN.


ALVAREZ, Debra, Dayton, vs. SMITH, Michael, Pittsburgh, PA.

SMITH, Jessica, vs. Leonard, both of Dayton.

SHABAZZ, Monique, Dayton, vs. Kareem, Cleveland.

KILLEN, Sharlyn, Brookville, vs. Charles, Dublin, OH.

Granted Dec 21:

CALHOUN, Robert, Sr., vs. Susan, both of Huber Heights.

YOUNG, Elizabeth, Dayton, vs. Brian, Columbus.

McNEW, Curtis, Xenia, vs. Nancy, New Lebanon.

AVILA, Zachary, vs. Emily, both of Dayton.

GARRISON, Antonio, vs. Frankie, both of Dayton.

POSTELL, Peggy, Huber Heights, vs. Lawrence, Dayton.

Granted Dec 22:

WILLIAMS, Calvin, Centerville, vs. Nicolette.

WINSLOW, Philip, vs. PENCE-WINSLOW, Sheill, both of Centerville.

ROBINSON, Sherri, vs. Leroy Jr., both of Dayton.

DALTON, Mindy, vs. Robert, both of Dayton.

HARRIS, McKinley III, Dayton, vs. Veronica, Mt Olive, NC.


Granted Dec 18:

ZAPPE, Barbara, and KOCHENDORFER, David, Dayton.

TERRY, Randy, Union, and Lisa, Huber Heights.

KAISER, Susan, Dayton, and Thomas, Centerville.

SIMON, Brian, West Carrollton, and Angela, Greenville.

Granted Dec 21:

GREGORY, Tara, Dayton, vs. John, Miami Twp.

GREENE, Augustus, IV, Miamisburg, and Emily, Kettering.

Granted Dec 22:

SCHROEDER, Brian, and Carissa, both of Miamisburg.

MARTIN, Melissa, Germantown, and Kristopher, Cincinnati.

BURCH, Mathew, Dayton, and Alisha, Kettering.

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