Posted: 4:48 p.m. Wednesday, Dec. 11, 2013

Attorney: Security guard acted properly, is “saddened” by truck driver’s death

By Mark Gokavi

Staff Writer


Questions surround the Fire Arm Bearer’s designation of the 25-year-old security guard who shot and killed an unarmed truck driver Sunday night at the Love’s truck stop on Edwin C. Moses Blvd.

But Joshua Karp’s attorney said his client acted properly and in accordance with his training when he fired two shots into 48-year-old Goran Sojic, and that Karp is sad about the Bosnian native’s death.

Attorney Jon Paul Rion said Karp was told by Arrow Security that he had been approved for the proper license and that he was waiting for the card in the mail. Rion also added that Karp was still licensed by the previous security company he worked for. “(Karp) had not received his card yet from the state and was relying upon the statement of his employer that he was properly covered at that time,” Rion said.

Ohio Dept. of Safety spokesman Joseph Andrews said Karp was hired by Arrow Security Oct. 30, 2013 and that Karp was in “applied status” until the registration is complete and background checks are done. That status means Karp was not permitted to carry a weapon.

Andrews said Karp got his first guard registration with firearm bearer registration with 1st Choice Security, Inc. of Cincinnati on Aug. 10, 2012, less than two months after Karp completed guard training through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. Andrews said security guards need a new designation and registration for each new company.

Rion said Karp had “two or three times” the necessary training to become a security guard and that on Sunday during the incident he retreated to an area of Love’s where customers were not allowed when Sojic ran at him in what Rion called a “threatening manner.” Rion said he did not believe Karp was equipped with a Taser.

“His right to use self-defense is not affected by the status of a card,” Rion said.

Nevertheless, Rion said the incident has taken its toll on Karp.

“He’s obviously saddened by this whole event,” Rion said. “He feels like anyone else would after a traumatic experience such as this. It’s the last thing anyone ever wants to do to another person. He took a voluntary leave from work so he could come to a deeper understanding of what happened and how to handle it.”


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