Posted: 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, Sept. 21, 2016

Greene County health inspections

By Staff

The following are summaries of state of Ohio standard inspection reports on file from the Greene County Combined Health District, from the week of July 18 to July 22. District information is available online at

Arby’s Roast Beef

160 W. Main St., Xenia

Date of inspection: July 20

Violations: Found damaged ceiling tile in kitchen near meat slicer and oven.

Found floor under equipment throughout the facility in need of cleaning. Found wall, especially near floor behind fryers in need of cleaning. Found ceiling vents in need of cleaning.

Found food build up and stickers on food contact surfaces. Remove stickers to wash, in order to keep all surfaces smooth and easily cleanable (correcting).

Found cleaning brushes at fryers unclean.

Found damaged food storage lids (correcting).

Found damaged mop bucket.

Found mops not hanging to dry. Hang mops in a manner that allows them to air dry in order to prevent bacterial growth and potential contamination.

Found food contact surfaces not being sanitized on all surfaces.

Found handle on salad cooler damaged. Found damaged door seal.

Found faucet leaking in women’s restroom.

Found wash water at 101F (correcting).

Comments: All critical violations must be corrected today and maintained corrected. All other violations must be corrected before next inspection.

Left updated handouts and reviewed new food code.

Wingate Hotel

3055 Presidential Drive, Fairborn

Date of inspection: July 21

Violations: Found cold TCS foods on the bar and in the reach in cooler all out of temperature and holding around 48-60F. All TCS products were adulterated and discarded into the trash can/milk down drain, then all items dumped out into the dumpster – milk (individual and gallon jugs), boiled eggs, raw scrambled eggs, yogurt, cream cheese, butter, butter spread, bacon. It appears that there have been temperature issues with this cooler since July 8, 2016, with temperatures routinely around 50F (see attached temperature log for July). Repair has been called and the cooler may not be used (or any TCS foods added) until it has been repaired, reinspected, and approval given.

Found the ice machine broken – repair or remove. Also found the cooler not working. This item may not be restocked until approval has been obtained from the inspecting sanitarian. Contact when ready for reinspection.

Found the corner of the counter broken. Repair.

Found unwrapped coffee stirs offered for self service.

Found that although daily temperature logs were maintained on the reach in refrigerator, the issue was permitted to continue since approximately July 8, 2016, despite numerously logged high temperatures. Countless people were placed at risk unnecessarily due to lack of oversight. Addressed with PIC.

Found lexan container with a broken edge. Discarded.

Comments: Provided new handouts and discussed new code changes and the following items are required to be completed/provided: a procedure for cleanup of vomiting/diarrheal incidents (viewable during inspections) and provision of a diarrhea/vomiting cleanup kit that is compliant with the new rules (see handout); a sign off sheet which indicates that employees have been informed of when they must report illness which is readily viewable during inspections; in addition to a level 1 certified PIC on all shifts, each facility is required to provide a level 2 trained individual (see handout for information regarding how to secure this training).


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