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Montgomery County health inspections


Food inspections photo
Food inspections

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The following are a sampling of food operation inspection reports from Public Health–Dayton & Montgomery County, from the week of Aug. 22 to Aug. 26. View full inspections reports at

Tumbleweed Connection

454 E. Fifth St., Dayton

Date of inspection: Aug. 25

Violations: Observed chili in steam table at a temperature of 55F. Steam table is used to keep foods in hot holding. Preheat chili to 165F prior to placing in steam table should be kept at 135F for hot holding.

Clean and maintain the 3 compartment bar sink.

Observed handwashing sink not properly working. Repair and render sinks useful and available for handwashing.

Replace missing light shield over the grill.

Replace missing/deteriorating ceiling panels.

Repair square hole in kitchen wall behind pan to prevent insects and dirt from coming in.

Observed dirt and debris on the floor near the safe in the bar. The physical facilities should be cleaned as necessary to keep them clean.

Super Wok

2347 Dayton Pike, Germantown

Date of inspection: Aug. 26

Violations: Raw chicken and beef were stored above ready to eat pasta at the time of inspection. All food services shall store raw food product to prevent potential contamination of other ready to eat food. Corrected raw chicken and beef were removed at the time of inspection.

Food stored in the walk in cooler is not properly covered to prevent contamination of any kind of additive from the premises. All food services shall ensure food is adequately covered and protected from any source of potential contamination. Discussed with manager at the time of inspection.

Food that is TCS and ready to eat is not properly date marked in the walk in cooler and the reach in cooler at the time of inspection. All food services shall properly date mark TCS ready to eat food for 7 day discard to prevent misuse and bacterial growth. Discussed with manager at the time of inspection.

Comments: Handwashing sinks are adequately stocked with soap, hot water and hand drying provisions. Good.

Food temperatures are satisfactory at the time of inspection.

Burger King

1431 E. Dorothy Lane, Kettering

Date of inspection: Aug. 22

Violations: Observed True prep cooler by hand sink holding temperature above 41F. Equipment shall be held good repair and proper adjustment. Ensure cooler is able to hold temperature cool enough to hold food at 41F or below.

Observed non food contact surfaces including floor around cooking oil tank and under and behind counter spaces with the accumulation of dust, dirt, food residue, and other debris. Ensure that all surfaces food contact and non food contact are regularly cleaned to avoid accumulation.

Comments: Talked about food code updates.

PIC called maintenance for prep cooler.

Talked about date marking days.

Temps: Cheese in walk in 41.6F; hot dogs in walk in 39F; scrambled egg mix 42F; chicken burger 45F; hot fish patty 143F; hot hamburger 165F


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