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Piqua native turns passion for yoga into business


Piqua native turns passion for yoga into business photo
Jim Witmer
Amanda Brown, a yoga instructor and owner of new Piqua business balanceYoga, leads a class of kids during a Yoga in Nature program at Garbry Big Woods Reserve. Brown started her new yoga business after a number of years in the communications role at a local mental health agency.JIM WITMER / STAFF

By Nancy Bowman

Contributing Writer


At first, Amanda Brown felt “this kind of nudge” to teach yoga.

Over time, however, the feeling grew into a passion.

The Piqua native’s first yoga experiences in the early 2000s left her satisfied with the workout and feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. She intended to take classes, but then a busy life as a professional, wife and later, mother absorbed her time.

A couple of years ago, Brown’s attention again turned to yoga. She studied for teaching certifications while continuing her full-time career as director of community resource development at the Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services.

Last year, she decided to make yoga her full-time job. This April opened her own studio — balanceYoga by Amanda — in downtown Piqua offering classes for youth and adults.

“This was what I was meant to do, to help people in this way,” Brown said. ”I love it.”

Brown and her husband, Dustin, have one son, Cohen, age 6.

Q&A with Amanda Brown

What is Your Business: balanceYoga by amanda (a studio for yoga and wellness), 312 N. Wayne St. Suite B, Piqua

Who: Amanda Brown, owner/teacher, balanceYoga, received 200 certification as a Nationally Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) in April 2012 and certification as a Subtle Energy Yoga Therapist (SEYT) in May 2012 at elementsLife. She has a bachelor of education degree in Community Health from the University of Toledo.

What the business does: “Yoga means to yoke or unite. In its most simplistic form, yoga is a system of specific poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation exercises designed to heal, purify and bring awareness and balance to both body and mind. We believe that yoga is truly for everyone. We understand that everyone is unique - our bodies are different, our needs are different - and therefore we strive to make sure that each person realizes their personal, full potential in a fun and welcoming yoga session. We believe that finding balance is a journey, not a destination. Life happens and we adjust. Yoga helps us understand and enjoy that journey on a much deeper level. Yoga not only benefits the physical body, but in its truest practice, yoga calms the mind, deepens self awareness and brings about greater balance of body-mind-soul. The ability to tune into your own needs and care for yourself is crucial in finding and maintaining balance…and that is why we are here.”

What the business offers that makes it stand out: “balanceYoga is the only yoga studio in Piqua. Practicing yoga in a studio that was created for yoga is its own unique experience – from the music, to the lighting, to the scents….we strive to provide an environment that is soothing, relaxing and welcoming.”

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