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Survey shows Oakwood residents’ recreational priorities

Tennis courts, parking and fitness areas are among the issues that have residents talking

By Jeremy P. Kelley

Staff Writer

OAKWOOD — A recent phone survey of 402 Oakwood residents revealed that 60 percent of them believe Oakwood should build a new indoor recreation facility. Twenty-five percent said the city should instead pursue partnerships to use existing facilities nearby, 10 percent said recreation is not important and 5 percent responded “don’t know.”

Results of the survey, conducted in recent weeks by Leisure Vision, will be a key part of a public meeting on the city’s Athletic and Recreation Master Plan tonight, April 29, at the Oakwood Community Center. The meeting will begin at 6 p.m., with a presentation scheduled at 6:30. The city has a variety of concept plans for how the Community Center and Old River park area could be modified.

When asked what current or potential features of the Community Center they would use, survey respondents mentioned a fitness center, a multipurpose area for events or meetings, and an indoor running/walking track as most important. But City Manager Norb Klopsch said the phone calls the city has gotten have had a different focus.

“Tennis and parking at the OCC site seem to be the hot topics,” Klopsch said. “Most of the strong comments we get are with those issues.”

There are six existing OCC tennis courts and limited parking. The three new concept plans, all different, would eliminate two, four or all six courts, to add indoor community center space and parking. Klopsch said the city is very close to an agreement that would allow Oakwood residents to use the tennis courts adjacent to Old River Park.

When asked whether they support making Old River the city’s primary tennis site, residents were split, with 30 percent very supportive, 32 percent not supportive and the other 48 percent either “somewhat supportive” or unsure.

Survey respondents agreed with the idea of putting a small dog park at Creager Field, near Irving Avenue and Shafor Boulevard, with 75 percent calling that a good site.

Klopsch said he can’t predict how soon Oakwood would actually construct any piece of the Athletic and Recreation Master Plan, which still has to go to City Council for approval in May.

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