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Timeline: The last day of Kylen English’s life

A timeline of events on July 16


City suspends its internal inquiry photo
Dayton Police cruiser in which Kylen English was riding the night he died. Photo show the passenger side rear window missing.
City suspends its internal inquiry photo
A short length of crime-scene tape lies in the weeds and rocks beneath the Salem Avenue bridge Thursday afternoon, July 28. The tape is near the location where Kylen English, 20, died Saturday evening, July 16. Dayton Police say English broke out of a back window of a police cruiser, jumped from the vehicle, and then lept to his death. English hit a rocky area below the bridge.
City suspends its internal inquiry photo
A surveillance camera shows an agitated Kylen English kicking the door of an apartment stairwell after he was denied permission to visit his 16-year-old girlfriend by the girl's aunt. The resulting disturbance resulted in English's arrest.
City suspends its internal inquiry photo
A Dayton police officer escorts Kylan English to a police cruiser inside the Montgomery County Jail the night he died.
City suspends its internal inquiry photo
Dayton Police cruiser in which Kylen English was riding the night he died. Photo show the passenger side rear window missing.

Editor’s note: This is a chronology of the events leading up to the death of Kylen English. It was constructed from various interviews, police statements, reports, transcripts and videos.

7:30 p.m.

Dayton Police Officers Travis Salyer and Alex Magill are dispatched to 206 Yale Ave. on a 911 call about a burglary in progress. The caller states a black male tried to kick in her apartment door. The caller told police that English was the boyfriend of her 16-year-old niece, whom the caller, the girl’s aunt, was sheltering after English allegedly assaulted during the winter.

Unknown time

Magill locates English at 1358 Harvard Blvd. Magill arrests English and places him in the back of a police cruiser without incident.

8:23 p.m.

Magill transports English to the Montgomery County Jail. While being escorted into the jail, English hits his head against the wall. Jail medics say English’s pupils weren’t responding properly. Staff at the jail refuses to take English due to the possible injuries and tells Magill to take him to the hospital.

8:45 p.m.

Magill tells dispatch, “This gentlemen I just brought to jail actually just got refused. I’m going to be transporting him to Grandview Hospital for treatment of his injuries.”

9:35 p.m.

English arrives at the hospital. He is evaluated and medically cleared. Before the trip back to the jail, English says, “Can I get a phone call please?” Magill responds, “Yeah, give me just a minute.”

9:36:07 p.m.

Magill leaves hospital to return English to jail. “537 Dispatch. Transporting adult male to jail, again. Currently 67A,” Magill says over the police radio.

9:36:16 p.m.

Magill says, “Kylen, just so you know, if you start acting goofy again, it’s going to be on camera this time.”

9:36:39 p.m.

Magill says, “I’d hate for you to have to pay for that medical bill.”

9:36:44 p.m.

English says, “Do you believe you go to heaven if you kill yourself?”

9:37:54 p.m.

Magill says, “Depends on what you believe in.”

9:37:57 p.m.

First sound indicating English is hitting the window with his head, banging noises begin.

9:37:59 p.m.

Magill says, “Hey, partner.” He then begins to pull over.

English says, “I wanna die” and banging noises are heard.

9:38:03 p.m.

The cruiser stops just as glass from the window shatters.

9:38:09 p.m.

Magill shouts “Holy (expletive).”

9:38:11 p.m.

Magill calls dispatch.

Magill: “537 dispatch, need crews on Salem Street bridge.”

Magill: “Medic, my guy just jumped out my car window and hooked over the bridge.”

Magill: “On Salem Street Bridge, uh just north. I’m sorry, just north of Robert. It’s going to be on the west side of the river. I’m sorry, east side of the river.”

Dispatch: “Is he going to be in the water?”

Magill: “No, he’s on the rocks.”

Dispatch: “OK, we’re going to get someone down here on the bike path. On the east side of the river right under the bridge.”

Magill: “The crews that are responding here, try and get someone on the bike path, if you can. I’m not sure where you get on. Try to drive down towards the south, north ... however you get on.”

9:39:20 p.m.

Magill: “537 dispatch. Do you have medics started this way?”

9:40:28 p.m.

Other officers arrive on the scene.

Magill says, “He head-dove out of the cruiser while in the middle of driving, got up again and jumped over the bridge like a no-hand swan dive. My camera’s on.”

9:40:38 p.m.

Magill says, “I had just ... I cuffed behind his back ... BAM, BAM, he jumps out ... Swan-dives over the bridge.”

9:40:38 p.m.

Magill says, “He’s right here, he’s breathing ... kind of.”

9:40:45 p.m.

Police Lt. Kim Hill arrives on the scene.

9:40:59 p.m.

Magill says, “I mean, no hesitation. None.”

10:18 p.m.

English arrives in the emergency room of Miami Valley Hospital.

10:21 p.m.

English is pronounced dead at Miami Valley Hospital.

Staff writers Ken-Yon Hardy, Vickie Harris and Patty Marcano contributed to this report.

Why we’re doing this: The death of Kylen English while in police custody on July 16 has become a point of controversy in our community. In an effort to find out exactly what happened, the Dayton Daily News assigned its reporters to reconstruct as much of the events of that night as possible from the verifiable facts that are available.


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