Posted: 12:00 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 14, 2012


Trotwood man supports Big Brothers/Big Sisters after spending childhood in foster care


Trotwood man supports Big Brothers/Big Sisters after spending childhood in foster care photo
Peter Streuber (center) of Trotwood participated in a Big Brothers/Big Sisters event, along with Rian Lussier (left) and Terri Lussier (right.)

By Beth Anspach

Who he is: Sixty-six years ago when Peter Streuber was 18 months old, his family needed help.

“I had two older sisters, my mother was out of the family picture and my dad couldn’t work full time and take care of us by himself,” Streuber said.

The elder Streuber turned to Dayton Catholic Charities for help. “My sisters were sent to St. Joseph’s Home and I went to a foster family until I was three years old and could go and join my sisters,” he said.

Streuber remained at St. Joe’s through the 8th grade and remembers his time there fondly, complete with boat and zoo trips.

“It was a great time of my life,” he said. “I was treated better than most any kid out there.”

Eventually Streuber’s family came back together, but he didn’t forget the things he learned or the friendships he made while at St. Joe’s and it shaped the rest of his life.

What he does: Streuber eventually joined the military, married his high school sweetheart and had four children. He built a successful career as a commission sales agent in hardware and paint sundries and retired in 1995. He became involved with Big Brothers/Big Sisters this year after his daughter Terri and granddaughter Rian Lussier, both volunteers with the organization, asked him to help.

“My daughter Terri called me and said she wanted to help Big Brothers and Big Sisters by rappelling 27 stories off the Key Bank Building,” Streuber said. “She said she had to raise $1,000 to participate in the “Over the Edge” event and asked me to help her.” Before long, Terri had convinced her father to join her in going “Over the Edge,” and he also asked his granddaughter Rian to participate.

The most satisfying thing about volunteering: The trio set a goal of $3,000 and was able to raise that easily. “We were just three individuals setting out with the purpose to pay back a debt,” Streuber said.

How to get involved: Contact Matt McDowell, Director of Partnership and Fund Development, Big Brothers and Big Sisters at or (937) 220-6855


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