Posted: 7:08 p.m. Friday, April 19, 2013

W. Carrollton’s 1st female police officer has died


W. Carrollton’s 1st female police officer has died photo
Barb Putterbaugh (submitted)

By Breaking News Staff


West Carrollton’s first female police officer, described as a pioneer in law enforcement who maintained her athleticism so well that she was sought after as a softball player well into her 50s, will be remembered Saturday as family, friends and colleagues gather to celebrate her life.

Barb Putterbaugh, whose services will be at Newcomer Funeral Home in Moraine, died Friday, April 12, after a battle with cancer, the city said.

Putterbaugh started her career as a dispatcher in 1970 and became the city’s first female officer in 1972. She retired from the department in 1995 with 25 years of service.

Putterbaugh worked as a field training and in-charge officer. Police Chief Rick Barnhart said, “She didn’t always look for promotions, but she did look to train new officers to be good police officers.”

“Putterbaugh was a female pioneer in a predominately male profession at the time,” said Barnhart, “She proved that women were just as good at being police officers as men, and cleared the way for those that followed.”

Friends and co-workers knew Putterbaugh was an excellent athlete.

“People were still trying to get her on their softball teams when she was in her 50s,” said West Carrollton Detective Mark Allison. “She had good instincts and always treated people fairly,” he said.


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