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Marriages, divorces

Marriage Licenses

Issued Oct 9:

BRENENBORG, Kenneth, 42, Huber Heights, and SHAW, Kris, 41, Fairborn.

SMITH, Chad, 32, and ROPER, Lisa, 25, both of Huber Heights.

MATHEIS, Andrew, 20, Trotwood, and LASWON, Me'randa, 19, Dayton.

FELTON, Ashleigh, 18, and BENNING, Kristin, 19, both of West Carrollton.

KERSHNER, Joseph, 48, and PAYNE, Kimberly, 49, both of Dayton.

CALDWELL, Ronald, 52, and SMITH, Karen, 43, both of Dayton.

MURPHY, John, IV, 31, and ROOT, Jasmine, 31, both of Kettering.

ROBERDS, Scott, 40, and BAILEY, Lisa, 41, both of Vandalia.

GOODYEAR, Sean, 27, and BOCK, Meghan, 26, both of Kettering.

HOWE, Earl, Jr, 42, and DUHAMEL, Tina, 35, both of Dayton.

SOMMER, Thomas, 30, and SHAW, Alissa, 30, both of Gallatin, TN.

JONES, Dwayne, 37, and GONZALEZ, Terra, 30, both of Riverside.

KOVERMAN, Drew, 23, and THOBE, Tracy, 24, both of Vandalia.

BEACH, Timothy, Jr., 28, and McPEEK, Christina, 26, both of Dayton.

SKOMROCK, Andrew, 23, and TROUT, Jordan, 20, both of Dayton.

STEVENS, Nathan, 25, and SCHWALLIE, Lisa, 24, both of Dayton.

BOHANON, William, 30, and STRICKLER, Stacie, 28, both of Centerville.

ADKINS, David, Jr., 27, and SEGI, Elizabeth, 24, both of Englewood.

YORK, Mark, 39, Rockville, MD., and MILLIS, Jameie, 32, Falls Church, VA.

FERGUSON, Johnathan, 27, Fairborn, and MANNING, Jennifer, 29, Huber Heights.

MITCHELL, James, Jr., 26, Dayton, and MOORE, Elisha, 22, Flint, MI.

Issued Oct 13:

JONES, Ricardo, 35, and KAPLE, Kathleen, 42, both of Dayton.

LINDO, Troy, 30, and PATTERSON, Chioma, 34, both of Miamisburg.

SPENCER, Matthew, 26, West Carrollton, and STOUGH, Alisa, 19, Hamilton.

SEATON, Robert, 26, and DICKSON, Erin, 24, both of Dayton.

ALVIS, Jeffrey, Jr., 27, and WHITTLE, Britney, 20, both of Huber Heights.

DARLING, Kevin, 38, and DARLING, Katherine, 41, both of Centerville.

BURROWS, Robert, 55, Dayton, and COX, Susan, 52, Middletown.

QUINN, Daniel, 22, and MAY, Takara, 21, both of Trotwood.

PATTERSON, Joshua, 19, and OWSLEY, Jennifer, 20, both of Dayton.

TYLER, Gregory, 58, Dayton, and VANCE, Victoria, 55, Englewood.

DARLINGTON, Richard, Jr., 47, Dayton, and ROMANO, Babs, 44, Vandalia.

DAVIS, Lamar, Sr, 38, and DAVIS, Gerie, 36, both of Trotwood.

Issued Oct 14:

TAULBEE, Justin, 25, Dayton, and KNIGHT, Sarah, 23, Kettering.

RODRIGUEZ, Derick, 22, and STONER, Heather, 22, both of Kettering.

WILLIAMS, Tyler, 24, and DAVISSION, Teagan, 26, both of Kettering.

SMART, Michael, 31, and GUNCKEL, Angela, 33, both of Miamisburg.

PENEWIT, John, III, 29, and PITNER, Jennifer, 36, both of Kettering.

TIPTON, Herbert, 58, and ROMANS, Peggy, 44, both of Englewood.

HARGIS, Brent, 35, and GERKEN, Christina, 29, both of Dayton.

MYERS, Chadrick, 38, and McLAIN, Sarah, 36, both of Dayton.

THOMAS, Daniel, 23, Dayton, and WRIGHT, Christina, 20, Centerville.

MILLER, Bradley, 27, and STINGEL, Lyndsey, 27, both of St Pet FL.

SMITH, Timothy, 28, and DRILL, Rebecca, 26, both of Centerville.

RAVESTEIN, John, 26, and JONES, Brittany, 23, both of Winston Salem, NC.


Granted Oct 8:

HALL, Michelle, vs. Ralph, both of Dayton.

SMITH, Dawn, vs. Mark, both of Dayton.

DAVIS, Patsy, Dayton, vs. WILLIAMS, John Jr., Columbus.

PETERSON, Stacy, vs. Michael, both of Dayton.

WELCH, Regina, Dayton, vs. WILLIAMS, Michael, Cleveland, MS.

JONES-PARRISH, Diane, vs. PARRISH, Harris, Jr., Dayton.

MILES, Louis, Dayton, vs. MILLER, Denise, Louisville, KY.

LORENZ, Melissa, Memphis, TN., vs. Chase, Dayton.

VAN, Sandy, Miamisburg, vs. Charles, West Carrollton.

ROUSH, Rebecca, vs. Mark, both of Kettering.

Granted Oct 9:

STURGILL, Charles, Dayton, vs. Angela, New Lebanon.

STAGGS, Theresa, Centerville, vs. James, Dayton.

LAMBERT, Leslie, vs. Billy, Sr., both of Huber Heights.

ADAMS, Tiffany, vs. Philip, Sr., both of Dayton.

BALL, Tony, Lebanon, vs. Tammy, West Carrollton.

RINALDI, Diane, vs. Arthur, both of Dayton.

Granted Oct 13:

MASON, Jennifer, vs. Bradley II, both of Centerville.

AKERS, Amy, vs. Foster, both of Riverside.

BARRETT, Coy, Dayton, vs. Julie, Franklin.

RICH, Sara, Riverside, vs. Jeremy, Huber Heights.

ZHANG, Huijie, Huber Heights, vs. GAO, Yukun, Englewood.

VANNOY, Anthony, vs. Ashanti, both of Miamisburg.

BRANSCOMB, Mary, Kettering, vs. James, Troy.


Granted Oct 7:

STUART, Bradley, and Nicole, both of Dublin, OH.

LAPSINS, Nancy, and Paul, both of Dayton.

Granted Oct 8:

LOFF, Andrew, Huber Heights, and Alison, Dayton.

GENTILE, Patricia, and Robert, both of Dayton.

BEARD, Clarence IV, Dayton, and Mika, Medford, NJ.

HAGEMAN, Lisa, Kettering, and Robert, Beavercreek.

Granted Oct 13:

RISHFORTH, Tammy, and Christopher, both of Dayton.

MORRISON, Kasey, and Michael both of West Carrollton.

BECKETT, Liberty, and Chad, both of Miamisburg.

Granted Oct 14:

GIBSON, Vernon, Huber Heights, and Billie, Bellbrook.

DAVIDSON, A J Sr., Huber Heights, and Alberta, Dayton.

BOYER, Jennifer, Miamisburg, and PULFORD, Keith, Springboro.


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