Posted: 9:54 a.m. Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Ohio teen catches 3-foot 'river monster' on flooded street


Ohio Carp photo
Michelle Sawyer / Facebook
Jake Sawyer with a white amur, or grass carp, caught on a flooded street in northern Ohio.
Ohio teen catches 3-foot ‘river monster’ on flooded street

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A video showing a teen catching a three-foot carp with his hands on a flooded street in northern Ohio is going viral Wednesday.

Cleveland TV station WKYC reports that 16-year-old Jake Sawyer caught a grass carp estimated to be 3 feet long and weighing 40 pounds.

"The neighbors they pointed out, they saw, like bubbles and stuff moving around over here,” Sawyer told WKYC.  “Then eventually we saw the fish actually surface and we saw how big it was.”

Luke Sawyer shot the video while his brother grabbed the carp, also known as a white amur, with his bare hands and carried it to a nearby pond.

The North Royalton neighborhood had flooded after heavy rains on Monday.

"I was wearing Crocs. It was the first thing I saw so I just grabbed my Crocs and ran in the water," Jake told WKYC. "Hillbilly fishing."

Watch the full video below (we recommend you advance the video to about the 2:35 mark).


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