Posted: 9:06 a.m. Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013

Woman allegedly tricked into miscarriage by ex-lover

By Candice Aviles

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A man charged with tricking his lover into having a miscarriage is now awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty.

Twenty-eight-year-old John Weldon met Remee Lee at a gentlemen’s club where Lee worked. Lee told ABC they began seeing each other, and eventually she became pregnant with his child.

LEE: “I was not going to do anything to harm that child.”

Lee said when she broke the news to Weldon, he said: “Oh God, I want to die. Are you serious? Remee, please don’t do this, I beg you. I am destroyed.” (Via ABC)

But Lee said she wanted to have the baby and become a mother.

Later, Welden took her to the office of his father, a doctor, for a prenatal exam. His father said Lee had a mild infection and she needed some amoxicillin pills. (Via Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)

But after taking the pills and experiencing bleeding and severe pain, Lee said she believed John Welden had actually put Cytotec in the amoxicillin bottle. (Via New York Daily News)

Cytotec is a medicine used to treat stomach ulcers, but it also causes miscarriages — as it did for Lee. State Republicans Larry Ahern and Kelli Stargel have taken up Lee’s cause to push a new anti-abortion law. Both lawmakers have lengthy voting records opposing abortion. (Via WAGA)

LEE: “This has been a very devastating time for myself and my family. I’m here giving my voice and my support for the passage of the Unborn Victims of Violence Act in Florida.”

ANCHOR: “It would make it a crime to cause the injury or death of an unborn child as a result of violence at any stage of development in the womb.” (Via WPTV)

The bill includes exceptions for doctors performing abortions and women who choose to have them.

WTSP writes, “But critics say any law that potentially defines life at conception is a step toward eventually taking away abortion rights as well.”

A regional spokesperson for the National Organization for Women says, “These are the people who want to establish personhood separate from the woman for the egg, for the fetus, for the zygote, and then if they can do that, that’s their aim ... to outlaw abortion.” (Via WTSP)

ABC reports Welden, Lee’s lover, was charged with murder. He took a plea deal and could face a sentence of up to 15 years in prison. He is currently under house arrest.

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