Preparation key to readiness

Preparation key to readiness

This page contains links to many of our handy step-by-step guides to preparing for and surviving a hurricane.


Outside the home
What to do now to make sure you’re ready when a storm arrives.

Inside the home
What to do when a storm threatens and when it is approaching your home.

Regulations may have changed, so be sure to check your policy.

Shopping list
Here’s what you should buy now. Don’t wait for a storm, when lines will be long and supplies short.


Living without power
See our tips on deailing with outages including many important safety tips.

Outside the home
What to do in the yard, in the neighborhood and in the area.

Inside the home
How to protect your family and belongings in the wake of a storm.

Food and water
How to decide what will keep and what to get rid of plus safe water handling and purification tips.
Cleaning the fridge

Weather and Traffic