Online betting market predicts Karen Handel win in Georgia

The online election prediction market PredictIt is projecting  Republican Karen Handel to win Georgia's 6th District special election as cited in tonight's Atlanta Journal-Constitution's live blog:

"Until recently, PredictIt traders had shown confidence in an Ossoff victory. Shares on the likelihood of Ossoff winning closed above shares on Handel winning continuously since May 16 and saw spreads reaching as high as 36 cents on June 11.

That trend ended yesterday, June 19, after almost 50,000 shares traded hands. After opening at 44 cents, Handel share prices closed at 52 cents. Meanwhile, Ossoff opened at 60 cents and has trended down ever since, dropping to a current price of 46 cents."

Recent polling in this race shows Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff neck and neck, with only one-tenth of a percentage point between them.

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What’s at stake:

Out of the 435 seats in the House, 239 are currently held by Republicans. There are 193 Democrats and three seats, including the one in Georgia, are vacant.

Credit: Jason Getz

Credit: Jason Getz

With a win in Georgia, Republicans are hoping to solidify their stronghold in Congress, while Democrats are hoping to make a statement in a GOP-dominated district.

Some political insiders say this could be a litmus test for President Donald Trump's performance so far, and the results could foreshadow what will happen in the 2018 elections.

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