The Kavanaugh saga - as a story from our youth

While the saga of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has erupted into a major story around the country for many Americans, the battle has a slightly different ring to it for those of us who grew up in the same area as Kavanaugh, just outside of Washington, D.C., and that was very apparent as I met up with a group of my high school friends this weekend.

For almost the last twenty years, eight of us have gathered in various places around the country to tell the same stories, play a little golf, drink a few beers, play some cards, and remember one of our friends who left us too early many years ago.

I was supposed to arrive on Thursday to this year's event, but instead I was in the hearing room for the Senate Judiciary Committee testimony by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Kavanaugh; then, the events of Friday further delayed me.

So, when I reached the front door, there was only one thing my old friends wanted to talk about.

And that was the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

My buddies aren't overtly political people, as they have spread their way around the nation, from Boston to New York, Denver, Florida and California. Only two of us are still left in the D.C. area. Partisan politics was not in their blood - but there were very aware of what was going on.

"It was kind of like the local industry," my friend Art said about the political scene.

As a group, my friends still pay attention to the news, making this story all the most interesting to them, as we grew up not far from Kavanaugh and his friends in Bethesda and Chevy Chase, Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.

We are one and two years older than Kavanaugh, running around the same streets as the President's Supreme Court nominee; we know all the names of the schools where Kavanaugh and his friends went, all the country clubs, and more.

In many ways, it's a local story for us - not a Supreme Court story. One of the dads on my kid's baseball team was a classmate and friend of Kavanaugh in high school. Another guy I know was friends with the Blasey family.

When the judge refers to churches named Little Flower or Blessed Sacrament, we know exactly what he is talking about.

What are some of the things that struck my group from Bethesda and Chevy Chase? For one, it's a personal story. We know the players.

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