Save a fortune on magazines by subscribing to flat-rate magazine app

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I'm kind of a magazine junkie. There's nothing I like better than sitting down with a bowl of cereal and flipping through Time, Entertainment Weekly, Wired, or even Food Network Magazine. (Yeah, I'm a foodie as well as a nerd.)

Of course, magazines cost money, and they also consume trees. I'm a fan of saving both. That's why I'm jazzed about NextIssue, a tablet app that gives you all the magazines you can read for one flat rate.
In other words, call it "Netflix for magazines." (source:  Savings.com)
The app made its official debut back in July, offering some 40 titles. Yesterday it added 31 more, bringing the total catalog to 72 magazines.
Imagine, then, walking into your local bookstore (assuming you still have one), then walking (okay, staggering) out with 72 magazines in your arms -- all for 10 bucks. Do I have your attention?
NextIssue offers two subscription options. Basic includes all monthly and biweekly titles (including all available back issues of each) for $9.99 per month. Premium costs $14.99 and adds weeklies like Entertainment Weekly, People, Sports Illustrated, and Time.
Whether or not this represents a good value depends on how many magazines you subscribe to. If you're paying, say, $200 annually for a smattering of subscriptions, then there's no question NextIssue is a slam dunk: It's either $120 per year or $170, a price that includes access to every single magazine in its catalog.
Indeed, the real joy here is having access to magazines you might not want to pay for separately, but would be glad to read. That whole all-you-can-eat thing is just terrific.
NextIssue offers every magazine I've listed here, plus popular titles like Cosmopolitan, Family Circle, Family Fun, Fortune, GQ, Glamour, HGTV Magazine, The Oprah Magazine, and Vanity Fair. Here's the full catalog.
On my personal wish-list for future additions: Family Handyman, Men's Health, PC World, and Popular Science.
Much as I dislike paying "yet another monthly fee" for stuff, NextIssue appeals to my love of both magazines and saving money. If you have an iPad or compatible Android tablet, I highly recommend taking the app for a 30-day test drive.