What are the best smart watches and fitness trackers for students?

The thing to have this year may not be the tablet or laptop when students head back to class.

But rather, they may want to get that gadget that straps to their wrists - a smart watch or fitness tracker.

Which ones are worth the money? CNET has a few suggestions.

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The Apple Watch is the watch/tracker that most people would consider getting, but with a hefty price tag of more than $500, it may not be within the budget for back to school shopping. It does include everything like a watch and a fitness tracker, but is expandable like nearly all Apple products with its variety of apps. The only issue: the Apple Watch needs to be charged just about every day.

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Pebble Time's battery can last about a week on one charge according to CNET and can even be worn in the shower. You also aren't tethered to an iOS device. Pebble Time also works with Android. The price tag: about $200.

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The Moto 360 works with an Android, but it could be within your budget, coming in at just over $150. It also has a round design, breaking away from the square that most smart watches use.

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Fitbit's Charge HR has a clock face, but looks more like a fitness tracker than other smart watches. It has continuous heart rate monitoring and will keep track of your steps and calories burned. It will also vibrate when you get a call and has caller id. The Charge HR costs just under $150.

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Jawbone Up2 doesn't track your heart rate, but the band is understated. It also does not have a watch. One positive feature: Up2 will vibrate you awake so you're not late for class. It also costs around $100.

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