Jaycee Towers property sells for $15 million

The Jaycee Towers apartment building has a new owner after a $15 million purchase.

Montgomery County real estate records show that an Ohio limited partnership called Jaycee Towers purchased the 12-floor tower from Century Pacific Housing V, a California limited partnership, for that amount.

Jaycee Towers is a limited partnership for Redwood Housing Capital LLC in Austin, Texas, the transfer document shows.

Records gave the sales date as Wednesday.

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The Jaycee Tower property, built in 1972, is across the street from another apartment building, The View at Dayton Towers, 425 Dayton Towers Drive.

Note: An earlier version of this story said The View at Dayton Towers has been sold. That was incorrect. Oberer Management manages that building, which is still owned by Alan Lindy.

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