This tool negotiates with your cable and internet provider to lower your bill

If you’re tired of overpaying for cable and internet service, there’s a new way to score a one-time or perhaps even a monthly credit on your bill without having to do the negotiating yourself.

I recently tested Trim, the personal assistant that saves you money, to see exactly how it works!

Ask Trim to lower your cable and internet bill

Less than two hours after signing up on Trim’s website, I got a notification through Facebook Messenger (you can choose text message notifications instead) that I received a $30 credit for my Xfinity by Comcast internet service.

How is that possible? Once your account is linked, Trim has a chatbot that will negotiate your bill for you. In many cases, Trim is able to get credits that your provider owes you due to cable and internet service interruptions.

Trim’s chatbot told me via Facebook Messenger that it keeps 25% (now 33%) of what it saves customers through its bill negotiation feature.

Trim said it can also lower your cable/internet bill with Time Warner, Charter and other providers.

My $30 Comcast credit

Have Trim cancel recurring charges for you!

Trim started back in 2015 by helping people cancel old subscriptions for free — things like The New York Times, Netflix and Spotify.

The automated system scanned my linked credit card account and identified a subscription that I really didn’t need anymore. I texted “Cancel _____” to Trim and it took care of the cancellation at no cost to me.

Trim said it regularly reviews transactions and will alert users when a new subscription is charged to the account.

Security and signing up

Before I started with Trim, I wanted reassurance that it was secure. The San Francisco-based company’s website states that it safeguards users’ data using bank-level security and doesn’t share that data with third parties.

This is an excerpt from Trim’s security page about keeping your data safe and secure:

To be clear, Trim isn’t a smartphone app. You communicate with Trim via text message or Facebook Messenger only. Go to to learn more and find out how to sign up.