Square One Salon to open sixth location in Dayton

Square One Salon will open a sixth salon location at 1132 Brown St. in September above co-owner Joshua Stuckey’s retail business, Agnes & Orson Gifts and Goods.

Stuckey said the company is “rapidly expanding.” Co-owner Brent Johnson said the new salon will be a smaller version of Square One’s other locations to better serve the University of Dayton community.

"We try to add value and meaning to what we do," Johnson said. "All of our people have the best training out there. The one thing that makes us a little different is we operate our business with our heart and our gut. Some people have a head for business, and that isn't necessarily our strength, but we know what feels good and we trust that and we deliver."

Stuckey, Johnson, and co-owner Doug Henderson opened the first Square One salon after renovating the abandoned Cannery building at 506 E. Third St. Renovation, recycling, and giving back to the community are huge pieces of what Square One is, Johnson said.
“We really love the concept of recycling,” Johnson said. “What better way than to look to our city and its history and taking something people are not valuing and reinvent it, and then give people service and experience that is more than what they expect.”

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