2018 World Series: Matt Damon, Jimmy Kimmel wear dueling 'I'm With Stupid' shirts

The ongoing rivalry between Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel reached a new high for Game 5 of the World Series with a unique twist.

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Damon, rocking a Red Sox hat, wore a red "I'm With Stupid" shirt, with an arrow pointing at his "good friend" to his left: Kimmel.

Meanwhile, Kimmel had a rebuttal of his own, donning a Dodgers-themed blue "I'm With Stupid" shirt, pointing right back at Damon for when they sat together for Sunday night's game.

Caught just outside of the fray? Damon and Kimmel's friend Ben Affleck, showing support for his Red Sox and finding himself in the center of the notorious Damon-Kimmel rivalry once more.

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