Wilson, state senator for Warren County, gets election test from newcomer Dallas

Voters will decide race in 7th State Senate District, which includes all of Warren County and some of eastern Hamilton County

The race for the District 7 seat in the Ohio Senate will feature a Republican incumbent seeking his second and final term, against a Democratic newcomer who has never held public office before.

Incumbent GOP state Sen. Steve Wilson of Maineville was appointed to the seat in 2017 to fill a vacancy. He was elected to a full-term in 2018 and is seeking re-election to a final four-year term.

Wilson is being challenged by David Dallas, of the Mount Lookout neighborhood in Cincinnati. He is a first-time candidate who said he supports big-tent Democratic Party principles.

District 7 includes all of Warren County, plus some of eastern Hamilton County. Members of the Ohio Senate serve four-year terms and receive an annual salary of $68,674. This year, 17 of the 33 seats in the Ohio Senate will be elected on Nov. 8.

David Dallas

David Dallas, 59, said he is running “to be the Democratic candidate, for Democrats to vote for and because the Republicans (in office) are awful.”

Dallas earned a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and did work in the art/theater industry.

On his social media pages, Dallas said he supports “big-tent Democratic Party principles” such as access to living wage jobs, quality affordable health care, affordable housing, public education, a woman’s right to choose, sensible gun laws, equal rights including marriage equality, environmental responsibility, free and fair elections, and the ability to discuss any of these topics without fear of violent reprisal.

When asked about his top priorities if elected, Dallas said, “we need to get guns off the street and return bodily autonomy back to the people ... I am a Democrat. Vote for Democrats.”

Other priorities he would work on include returning birth control to the 21st century; returning the treatment of people to the 21st century, and introducing new laws.

“It’s frightening to see the number of guns on the streets,” Dallas said.

Steve Wilson

Steve Wilson, 72, of Maineville, said he loves the policy side of government and has been able to address issues and legislation such as financial literacy; elder fraud and electronic notarization.

“I’ve gotten things done and I like getting things done,” he said.

Wilson said voters should re-elect him because he’s a person with a business background and involved in the community.

“I’m pragmatic,” Wilson said. “I vote on the merits of legislation, not the political reason. I have dogged determination and I will knock down road blocks until I get it done.”

Wilson earned a bachelor’s degree in finance/banking from Miami University and served as a naval supply officer. After leaving the military, Wilson joined Lebanon Citizens National Bank (LCNB) as a teller and rose up the ranks to retiring as chairman of the bank’s board of directors.

Wilson served eight years as a member of the Lebanon Board of Education and is a member of various boards and organizations.

Wilson said if he is re-elected, his top three priorities in the next term are to improve the legal climate in Ohio by stopping third-party or non-lawyers to file lawsuits; ensure financial literacy is taught to every student in Ohio; and reduce the amount of regulation in Ohio by a review of the Ohio Revised Code and Ohio Administrative Code to eliminate outdated, redundant and obsolete laws and regulations.

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