Amish man starts ridesharing business with horse and buggy

Credit: William Thomas Cain

Credit: William Thomas Cain

An Amish man is getting into the ridesharing service with his horse and buggy -- with what he called the “Amish Uber.”

Timothy Hochstedler told WWMT he is shuttling riders across St. Joseph County in his horse and buggy during the 81st annual Abbott's Magic Get Together, a town festival that runs through Aug. 5.

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"Most (riders) aren't from Colon, but the Colon people have given me a few options like: 'Would you give me a ride to Curly's? Would you go to my house?,' Yeah, I'll do that," Hochstedler said.

To get a ride, you have to flag him down without a cell phone, according to WWMT. A ride reportedly costs about $5 on average.

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