'Beautiful Philadelphia day': Sylvester Stallone on set of 'Creed 2'

Rocky has trained in worse weather than this.

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On a rainy day in Philadelphia, actor Sylvester Stallone posted a video of himself on the set of "Creed 2," WPVI reported.

Stallone said it was the first day of filming for the newest installment of the “Rocky” saga that Stallone made famous in 1976 with his portrayal of everyman boxer Rocky Balboa. “Creed 2” is set to be released in November, WPVI reported.

"Well, here it is folks, on a beautiful Philadelphia day, but what's important is this is the first day of 'Creed 2,'" Stallone said. "I think Rocky is in this, so I'm ready to enjoy the day."

Stallone ascends the steps of his motor home that is on the set, recalling that when the original “Rocky” movie was filmed he had a motor home but it was in the back of a van.

"Progress is being made," Stallone said in the video.

He then invites the viewer to take a look inside his trailer, advising to “get out of the rain,” WPVI reported.

Once inside the trailer, Stallone blocks the camera’s view and says “Keep punching.”

Undoubtedly, Stallone used a left hook to block the view.

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