Glen Campbell’s daughter shares heartbreaking photo on Father’s Day


Glen Campbell’s daughter shares heartbreaking photo on Father’s Day

The family of Glen Campbell has been open to sharing the country superstar’s story throughout his battle with Alzheimer’s disease. However, sometimes a description or a picture is so personal that it can be jarring.

One of those pictures was shared on Father’s Day.

In a June 18 Facebook post, Glen’s daughter and aspiring country artist Ashley Campbell shared a black and white picture of her dear father, her hands cradling his face in a loving embrace. “Happy Father’s Day,” she wrote in the post. “I wish you could know how many people are asking about you and praying for you. I wish you could know that your new album is bringing joy to people all over the world right now. I wish you were here. I can hug you and hold you but I can’t know for sure where you are. I love you dad. I’m here for you. Thank you for giving me everything.”

As country fans took in the emotion of Ashley’s words and picture, her mother and Glen’s wife, Kim Campbell, also weighed in on the picture. “Happy Father’s Day, Glen,” she said on her Facebook page. “This photo of you and Ashley so delicately captures the love and sadness that we feel today when being with you, yet so far away from you at the same time.”

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