Charlie Sheen paid $10 million to keep HIV status quiet

But he’s confident his bank account will improve. He said he has several potential new projects in the works.

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Sheen revealed Tuesday morning that he has known for four years he is HIV positive. His interview with Today Show host Matt Lauer was very genial, with Lauer reading a series of tweets offering well wishes for Sheen. He also asked a number of pointed questions, such as whether Sheen has notified his ex wives and others with whom he has been sexually active.

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Sheen said he has been diligent about notification and urging his past partners to be tested. He also has been dutiful about taking his medication and using protection. Still, he is bracing for potential lawsuits, he said.

>>Watch: Charlie Sheen discloses he has HIV to Matt Lauer

Sheen said he is hoping for forgiveness and support at this point and will use his celebrity to raise awareness and spur research efforts.

“I’m not going to be the poster man for this but I will not shun opportunities that drive me to help others,” he said.