Health Inspections: Rice Restaurant


Address: 3100 E. Third St., Dayton  

Date of inspection: July 25  

Violations: Foods being stored in uncovered containers in the walk in refrigerator. Ensure stored foods are covered to prevent possible contamination.  

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Probe thermometer has a build up of debris over the reading surface and probe surface. Ensure thermometer is cleaned prior to using to take food temperatures. Thermometer cleaned during the inspection.  

Using bowl to scoop white rice at the cook line, storing knives between make table and preparation table, ice scoop being stored with handle in contact with ready to eat ice. Ensure utensils are being stored to prevent contamination by being stored on a clean surface or to keep the handle out of ready to eat foods. Moved the knives during the inspection to a stainless steel top.  

Employee rinsed cloth at the hand sink and then used to wipe down preparation area. Ensure preparation areas are sanitized using a cloth that is kept in sanitizer of proper concentration.  

Probe thermometer is reading about 65F when in an ice bath. Ensure the probe thermometer is calibrated to read accurately food temperatures. Discussed the calibration process during the inspection.  

Using non-food grade lubricant for the slicer. Ensure lubricant used on the slicer is a food grade product to ensure the foods sliced are not contaminated. Removed the non food grade lubricant and will be contacting suppliers about a food grade lubricant.  

Comments: Container in the back with a funnel is used to collect soups at the end of day. Container is then disposed of at the bulk waste receptacle.  

Change the vegetable oil in the fryers once every three days. Used oil is placed into the bulk oil disposal container at the back of the property lot.  

Discussed the updates to the Ohio food code for 2016.  

Complain about use of oil on site and did not find any concerns with how the fryer oil is being used on this date.

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