Health Inspections: Tuty's Inn


Health Inspections: Tuty's Inn

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Restaurant inspections. CONTRIBUTED


Address: 3982 Colonel Glenn Highway, Fairborn  

Date of inspection: July 8  

Violations: Found an open cup of soda on the counter in the kitchen. Corrected.  

Found unlabeled salt container. Corrected.  

Found rags stored on counters. Corrected.  

Found foods in the reach in cooler between (beans) 45F and (sliced cheese) 48F. All items were discarded and refrigeration repair arrived at the facility to repair the cooler during the inspection.  

Found prepared bean with a date of 6/28 still in the cooler on 7/8. Corrected.  

Found the lid to the make table separated, with Styrofoam interior exposed. Correcting.  

Found bare wood on the rear screen door. Paint to make smooth and easily cleanable.  

Found a reach in freezer and a reach in cooler not working. A temporary chest freezer has been brought into the facility to hold frozen items until the freezer has been repaired.  

Found the gaskets of coolers in need of a detailed cleaning.  

Found the kitchen handwashing sink blocked by a chair, items stored on the floor, a purse, etc. Corrected.  

Found the shelving units and areas under/behind equipment in need of a detailed cleaning.  

Found a cell phone on the cutting board.  

Found a substantial amount of construction supplies/clutter/debris behind the facility. Remove.  

Found degreaser, bleach, and sanitizer solution stored on the shelf over single use containers. Also found soap stored beside a container filled with condiments. Corrected.  

Found the back screen door not fully closing automatically/blowing open with wind gusts, and with a broken section of the screen, which defeats the purpose of a screen door, thus allowing pests to enter the facility.  

Found the cutting board for the make table with mold growth present. Clean thoroughly. Correcting.  

Comments: All violations corrected today must remain corrected and the remaining violations must be corrected by the next standard inspection to prevent further enforcement activities.

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