Disney’s acquisition of Fox finalized; what does Disney own now?

The deal is done. Disney is now the official owner of 21st Century Fox.

The house of mouse paid $71 billion to acquire Fox and now controls more of the Marvel Universe, bringing "X-Men," "Fantastic 4" and "Deadpool" under its entertainment umbrella, Entertainment Weekly reported. It now also outright owns the series "Modern Family," which was produced by Fox, but aired on ABC, as well as NBC hit "This is Us" and Fox staple "The Simpsons," which parodied the merger almost 20 years ago, CNBC reported.

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Disney CEO Bob Iger, in a letter to employees at both companies, said the acquisition "will be an evolution, with some businesses impacted more than others," CNBC reported.

But Disney is not getting the whole kit and kaboodle when it comes to Fox properties. Rupert Murdoch will still control Fox News Channel, Fox Sports and the Fox network, which will exist as Fox Corporation, CNN reported.

With the finalization of the deal, Disney will have more to choose from when it launches its streaming service Disney+ later this year. It also will help with Fox's production of the "Avatar" film sequels, since Disney has an entire land dedicated to the eco-science-fiction film at Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, CNN reported.

Disney also got control of Hulu in the deal, CNN reported.

It also picks up the FX Cable Network and National Geographic channels, adding to Disney cable footprint.

Iger has assured movies like R-rated "Deadpool" and "Logan" will not be more family-friendly and channels that were not family focused will remain as they were before Wednesday's finalization, CNN reported.

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