Ryan Radomski plays with Legos at the Family Place in Blake Library on February 7, 2013.
Photo: Bruce Bennett
Photo: Bruce Bennett

Edible, stackable Lego bricks are now available

Your new, super fun weekend project is now here --- edible and stackable Legos.

YouTube do-it-yourself scientist Grant Thompson shared with viewers a way to create Legos that can be created at home with easy steps.

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In the video, Thompson uses Lego-shaped ice cube trays and his own silicon-based mold shaped out of real Lego bricks, and makes the whole process look like an activity that anyone can accomplish. Thompson created the bricks by warming the Jell-O mixture over a slow heat, the gummy sections come out extra clear and not at all as sticky as you might think, which makes them perfect for stacking.

He also added vitamin-C powder to the Jell-O mix to give it a healthy boost.

Instructables also has a useful post that is an aid for those who are looking to create Legos bricks at home in the form of Jell-O. Now, everyone go out and create some incredible Lego structures --- which you will eventually eat and enjoy.

Learn more about how to make the eatable Lego bricks on YouTube.