Paula Deen whips up Southern meal for breast cancer patient

Celebrity chef Paula Deen set a sumptuous table for a fan battling breast cancer, introducing the woman to the culinary delights of Southern cooking.

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While discussing her new cookbook, "Favorite Recipes of The Lady & Her Friends," Deen told Hot Topics about the meal she made at the request of a friend from New York.

The friend told Deen that one of his friends had recently finished her last round of radiation treatment.

“He said, ‘Paula, she is a huge fan. I mean huge,'” Deen told Hot Topics.

So Deen went to work in the kitchen, preparing country fried steak, rice and gravy, fresh butter beans, baked sweet potatoes with brown sugar butter, deviled eggs and collard greens.

“And for dessert I made pear cobbler with pears that I had grown in my yard,” Deen told Hot Topics. “Deviled eggs from my chickens. So I really prepared them a very Southern meal.”

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