Rihanna raps on NERD comeback song called ‘Lemon’

Rihanna is known more for singing and sing-talking than rapping, but she spit flames in a guest rap on funk, hip-hop and rock band NERD’s new single, “Lemon.”

A video for the song opens with Rihanna taking a set of clippers to the head of a woman and giving her a low haircut.

The video then cuts to that same woman dancing throughout the rest of the clip.

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NERD lead vocalist Pharrell opens with the first verse and after the first chorus, Rihanna debuts her rap.

Against a sampled beat, Rihanna brags about money and cars.

Producer rapper and singer Pharrell then comes back on the song and finishes with another verse that can be heard on the original version of the record.

Rapping isn’t new to Rihanna, but this style is different from her delivery on other songs.

"Lemon" is NERD's first single since 2014. Billboard reported the group is performing Saturday at ComplexCon in Long Beach, California.

Watch the video and listen to the explicit, uncensored song on YouTube.

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