Top 5 fantasy Oscars moments: What we want to see

The Oscars are Sunday, and it's sure to be a good, even-keeled time with Ellen DeGeneres hosting. But we can dream of controversy!

Without further ado, these are our Oscars fantasy moments.

At No. 5: a "Miley moment." The Oscars need some shaking up, and who better than Miley to do it? (Via MTV / "Video Music Awards")

Although the Golden Globes are more about funny, off-the-cuff moments, the Oscars are a serious, stuck-up awards show. Maybe performer Bette Midler will do something wacky. Except that she absolutely won't. (Via NBC)

No. 4: an award for Amy Adams. The actress has been nominated five times and has never won, and she's gotten major praise for "American Hustle." Only problem: Cate Blanchett has won almost every award this season in the best actress category, for her role in Blue Jasmine. Adams will likely go home empty-handed again. Cue the sadness. (Via ABC / "Jimmy Kimmel Live")

No. 3: the Woody Allen molestation controversy. It's made headlines. He's nominated. Can someone acknowledge the massively uncomfortable elephant in the room? No, no one will. And Ronan Farrow will tweet from home again. (Flickr / Colin SwanFox NewsTwitter@RonanFarrow)

At No. 2: a tie. This has never happened, but this is the year. Matthew McConaughey is probably going to win. I mean, he has gone from "The Wedding Planner" to "Dallas Buyers Club." Think about that. But Leo! Leonardo DiCaprio is awesome in "The Wolf of Wall Street." The speeches! The Quaaludes! And like Adams, he's been nominated five times with no statue love. Let's give it to both of 'em, Academy. (Via CBS)

And at No. 1—a real dream moment: "Gravity" stars and besties George Clooney and Sandra Bullock will appear on the red carpet side by side and reveal that they're in love and getting married, and two of our favorite single people will be happy together forever. (Via Rai)

OK, we get it—we need to come back down to Earth. "Gravity" joke.

But we can dream. And so did Sandra Bullock—of George Clooney, but he was dead.

What? Spoiler! See the movie, people. The Oscars are Sunday. Get prepared.