Year in review: Which tours made the most money in 2017?


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Year in review: Which tours made the most money in 2017?

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The Edge, Larry Mullen Jr, Bono and Adam Clayton of U2 perform during The Joshua Tree Tour 2017. According to Pollstar, U2 had the highest-grossing tour of the year.

With the 2017 touring cycle about to wrap, concert industry publication Pollstar has released the top 20 acts on its Worldwide Top Tours Chart.

U2 tops the list, with a gross of $316 million and 2.71 million tickets sold.

Overall, the top 20 tours grossed $2.66 billion, a record high and an increase of $264 million from 2016.

Following U2 was Guns N’ Roses, with a gross of $292.5 million and 2.68 million tickets sold. Most acts on the list are in the pop/rock genre.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 acts and their concert grosses and ticket sales:

10. Garth Brooks: $101.4 million gross, 1.43 million tickets sold

9. The Rolling Stones: $120 million grossed, 755,345 tickets sold

8. Ed Sheeran: $124.1 million grossed, 1.52 million tickets sold

7. Paul McCartney: $132 million grossed, 903,020 million tickets sold

6. Depeche Mode: $141 million grossed, 1.80 million tickets sold

5. Metallica: $152.8 million grossed, 1.56 million tickets sold

4. Bruno Mars: $200.1 million grossed, 2.03 million tickets sold

3. Coldplay: $238 million grossed, 2.45 million tickets sold

2. Guns N’ Roses: $292.5 million grossed, 2.68 million tickets sold

1. U2: $316 million grossed, 2.71 million tickets sold

Some of the remaining acts that rounded out the Top 20 include Roger Waters, Lady Gaga, Billy Joel and Ariana Grande.

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