Warrant to kick off new season at newly reopened music venue this weekend

Robert Mason is the fourth singer for Warrant, but with his 10 year anniversary arriving in September, he’s not some newbie. He appeared on the heavy metal band’s latest albums, “Rockaholic” (2011) and “Louder Harder Faster” (2017).

Warrant — performing with special guests Steelheart at BMI Speedway in Versailles on Saturday, March 10 — also features co-founders Erik Turner (guitar) and Jerry Dixon (bass) and longtime members Joey Allen (guitar) and Steven Sweet (drums).

Mason, who was Lynch Mob vocalist from 1991 to 1994 and from 2003 to 2006, was home in Arizona recently when he discussed his role in the group behind hits like “Cherry Pie,” “Heaven” and “Down Boys.”

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Fan support: “It’s great because I get to do what I love to do. Thankfully, people still come out and support Warrant and that’s the only reason any of us are able to do this. We have great fans who still want to hear the songs from back in the day. We’ve put out a couple of records and they actually embraced those new songs too. It’s the best of both worlds for me because I get to hang out with a bunch of friends and play some songs that are ours together, the five of us, and then some classics hits from the back catalog. What could be better than that?”

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IRL: “I’m not a cellphone hater but people need to put them in their pocket every once in a while. If you want to do it a little bit, all right, the world has changed. I actually dig that because an element of that is flattering but don’t look through your phone at me the whole night. It’s also really flattering to have the true attention of an audience and I’m more than happy to do my best to entertain them. The best reward for me is to work hard during a set and get everybody engaged in the experience.”

Finding balance: “I’m about three-quarters of the way through a record I’m doing with some guys I used to play with. We all have side interests but Warrant is my main priority and it takes up the majority of my time. It’s an exercise in time management to try and get stuff done on your day or two at home. Anybody who works hard and travels has that constant battle of trying to maintain some sort of domestic home life and anything else you want to do besides focusing on travel and work. Although, I love my job and that makes it all worthwhile.”

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BMI Indoor Speedway in Versailles has been closed to the public for a year while owner Steve Barhorst liquidated a massive collection of vintage motorcycle parts and accessories but the venue is returning to live music and racing in 2018. CONTRIBUTED (Contributing Writer)

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