Latest updates from flood-ravaged Texas following Harvey

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Time lapse of parking lot flooding following Harvey

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HARVEY MAKES LANDFALL, AGAIN>> Tropical Storm Harvey has made landfall again, this time just west of Cameron, Louisiana. The storm returned to land with maximum sustained winds of 45 mph.

National Hurricane Center meteorologist Dennis Feltgen said Tuesday that when Harvey came back to shore, "it's the end of the beginning."

Harvey is forecast to drop substantial amounts of rain on Louisiana before moving on to Arkansas, Tennessee and parts of Missouri, which could also see flooding.

VALUABLE ITEMS SAVED>> A Houston woman with Dayton ties said her two-story home allowed her to save valuable photo albums and birth certificates.

Shannon Collier-Saergert, whose sister lives in the Dayton area, said her home was flooded with three feet of water.  She moved valuables upstairs in an effort to preserve them until water recedes.

A family friend volunteered to let Saergert and her family move in temporarily.

PRESIDENT TRUMP VISITS>> On Tuesday, President Donald Trump tried to assure Texans that state and federal officials are doing all they can to help the Lone Star State deal with the aftermath of a tropical system that continued to drop record amounts of rain on the Texas Gulf Coast.


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Rescue groups accepting dogs from Texas

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People form human chain to get pregnant woman out of flooded home

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