Watch: Ukrainian dog stays by injured sister, protects her on tracks as trains roar over them

Two lost dogs in Ukraine turned into lucky dogs and are safe now, after spending two harrowing days over Christmas stuck on busy railway tracks with trains roaring over them every half hour.

One of the dogs, named Lucy, was injured and couldn’t move from the tracks near the village of Tseglovka. Watch what her brother, known as Panda, does.

He stayed by her side for two days, nudging her head down as the trains approached and rattled by overhead, according to a Facebook post and video from Denis Malafeyev, the guy who eventually rescued the pair.

Malafeyev received a call from friends about two scared dogs, one of them injured and stuck on the railroad tracks.

He said he tried to help the dogs immediately, but the male wouldn’t let him near the injured female. Malafeyev said he was eventually able to move the dogs and took them to a local rescue shelter for care.

The dogs’ owner saw the popular social video and was reunited with his pets, according to news reports.