Photos from Morning Sun in Centerville. CONTRIBUTED Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer
Photo: Staff Writer

Last-minute Mother’s Day finds — expected and unexpected — at Centerville shop

Centerville’s Morning Sun Florist is one of the areas best-kept secrets.

It was established in 1989 by owner Darla Hiser. After 12 years in Tipp City, the store had outgrown its location and moved to 11 S. Main Street, Centerville.

This inspirational green space is the perfect spot to consider visiting to shop for gifts this Mother’s Day.

Here are a half dozen reasons this gem is worth visiting.

Photos from Morning Sun in Centerville. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Staff Writer

1) If you’ve never been, it’s an exciting adventure.

Morning Sun is a curated setting filled with inspiration for your home and garden. And it’s not limited to lush foliage and gorgeous flowers. There are artisan crafted objects including handblown glass, as wells as treasures from around the globe. The shop also keeps a cooler full of seasonal fresh flowers, sourced from local farmers whenever possible. They are a full-service fine florist specializing in custom natural garden style arrangements with plenty of other gifts scattered around the shop.

2) The shop offers a diverse selection of products.

Top sellers include:

• Plants — prices depend on the size and type of plant, usually starting at $5.

• Fresh-cut seasonal arrangements — prices begin at $1 and up if you pick up, or they start at $50 for deliveries.

• The shop carries a selection of special artisan gifts from artists all over including decoupage by John Derian, Parisian ceramics and incense from Astier de Villatte, glass mouthblown in Prague by Juliska, insect specimens, and much more.

Photos from Morning Sun in Centerville. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Staff Writer

3) You are helping shop local.

The shop’s favorite flowers are seasonal blooms that are handpicked from local farmers. Nothing beats creating a fresh-cut garden bouquet out of quality materials that are homegrown. All plants are handpicked by owner Darla Hiser, and as the seasons change different plants become available.

4) Every week you can expect to find something new.

They are constantly getting new antiques, gifts at all price points, flowers and plants as the seasons change. The shop’s loyal customers will tell you that they come in weekly to see what has changed.

Photos from Morning Sun in Centerville. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Staff Writer

5) You will be inspired.

This is a place for people to come to for inspiration and to share ideas about gardening, plant life, art and all things green.

If you are there when a new customer walks in be prepared to hear something like, “Wow, I can’t believe I didn’t know about this place!”

6) They have helpful staff that are ready to help.

Photos from Morning Sun in Centerville. CONTRIBUTED
Photo: Staff Writer


The shop’s tips for decorating with plants are simple:

• DO IT! Plants help purify the air and alleviate stress. They are also nice to look at.

• Experiment. Don’t be afraid that you will kill your plant. There is so much information available about how to care for plants — both on the internet and via knowledgeable staff. You won’t know how to care for something until you get your hands dirty and try.

• Know your light. Always know what kind of light you are getting in the area that you want to add a plant, the lighting determines what kind of plants you can have in that space.

• Water. Create a schedule for watering using your smartphone, so that you won’t forget and so that you will not overwater.