Sprite as a hangover cure? Study says yes

Black coffee, a cold shower, fried food, maybe even a little hair of the dog — all common hangover remedies. But according to a new study one thing might have them all beat. 

“The latest and greatest cure for a hangover actually has some scientific evidence to back it up now. It’s Sprite.” (Via Fox Business) Kathy: “Alright, here’s the big reveal everybody. Sprite cures hangovers. Not that Hoda and I ever have one.

Hoda: “We don’t.” (Via NBC)

Researchers at a Chinese university say the lemon-lime soda aids in the metabolism of alcohol within the body — breaking down the part that causes hangovers. (Via YouTube / Sprite)

According to National Post, alcohol is processed in the body like this: “When we drink a boozy beverage, ethanol is broken down first into acetaldehyde, which causes the feelings of a hangover, and then into acetate, which is ... thought to be harmless in terms of hangover symptoms …” (Via National Post)

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So basically, Sprite speeds up that process. Changing the harmful substance — that causes headaches and nausea — to the harmless substance quicker. (Via ChemistryWorld)

As the study reports Sprite worked better than nearly 60 other beverages. Some of which — including a hemp-based beverage, actually slowed down the process — prolonging the hangover. (Via New York Daily News)

A fact that prompted one University of Exeter medical expert to remind us that what we eat and drink does have its pros and cons.

“These results are a reminder that herbal and other supplements can have pharmacological activities that both harm and benefit our health.” (Via Counsel and Heal)

And as CBS explains, there are other reasons for hangovers besides alcohol metabolism, like alcohol-induced dehydration, inflammatory response, and changes in blood sugar. Sprite won’t necessarily help with those. (Via CBS)

Still, according to the research, having a Sprite couldn’t hurt. We’re sure the people who make Sprite would tell you the same. 

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