A dozen ways to engage with the Dayton Daily News

Journalism is a dialogue with the community. And the Dayton Daily News wants to make sure our readers have every opportunity to engage with us and help us tell the Dayton region’s story. Here’s how you can reach us, make sure you are getting access to all we offer, and support local journalism.

Tell us what’s up

1. For every topic we write about, there are numerous people in the community whose perspective and expertise could enrich the conversation. Share your thoughts with our Ideas and Voices page by sending an email to edletter@coxinc.com. You can write a letter to the editor with your opinion on an issue of the day (250 words or less), or submit a guest column about current events you have expertise in or issue you feel strongly about (400 to 800 words).

2. If you see or hear about something you think is newsworthy, connect with the newsroom at ddnnews@coxinc.com, or call (937) 610-7502.

3. If you learn about something you think our investigative reporting team should dig into, you can submit an anonymous news tip using our online form here.

4. Have an upcoming event? Get it on the Dayton.com events calendar by following the directions on this page.

5. Looking for a specific reporter? Find our newsroom staff listing here.

6. To learn how our advertising staff can elevate the reach of your product or organization across the community, go here for a list of contact information and answers to other frequently asked questions.

7. Help us help you. We want to know if you are having issues with your circulation or accessing our digital products. Here is a list of customer service and other department contacts.

Get the scoop

8. Sign up for email newsletters. We offer a bunch of free, regular newsletters on a number of different topics (local sports, politics, business, etc.). Check out the options here.

9. Follow our reporting on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

10. Visit Dayton.com or follow it on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for the latest on what to know, love and do in the Miami Valley.

11. Listen. Check out our latest podcast here, or search for “Dayton Daily News The Path Forward” wherever you get your podcasts.

Get it all while supporting your community

12. Subscribe to support local journalism, and get the paper delivered to your door or inbox .

Also, help us celebrate some of the best people in our area by nominating a Community Gem. We started the Community Gems program to honor those who give back to improve the lives of others. Whether your nominee is a friend, family member, or co-worker share with us how they help others. Tell us your stories and help us spread the good news.

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