Genesis G90 redesigned for glory

2023 model a powerful luxury sedan.

Hyundai’s luxury brand — Genesis — has focused a lot of attention on its emerging EV line. And the limited exposure I’ve had to them, I have to say, they’ve done a good job with those electric vehicles. But, they still have a non-electric, glorious and gluttonous gas-powered flagship vehicle that they’ve put some attention into as well. And that’s certainly paid off too for the 2023 Genesis G90.

I called this full-size luxury sedan gluttonous but that is only meant in a good way. It’s the same as a second scoop of ice cream in a decadent sundae is not necessary, but yet still wonderful. That’s the G90 in a nutshell. The large engine, the large price tag all adds up to living large. And what’s wrong with that?

For 2023 the G90 is totally redesigned. The mouthy grille adds distinction and is flanked by squinty horizontal lights that run right toward the front wheel well. Then there’s a design element that picks up on the other side of the wheel well and heads toward the side panels. This really ties the looks together of this full-size sedan.

The back side continues with a chiseled spoiler and similarly shaped taillights. The fact that they match the front end shows a well-balanced design all over this vehicle. Yet the back side has plenty of personality as to not be overpowered by the new look of the front end. This is one complete vehicle. The redesign was certainly a home run and for anyone who foolishly thinks that a Genesis is just an overpriced Hyundai hasn’t looked closely at any Genesis vehicle and certainly must be totally blind when it comes to the G90.

Indeed, the Genesis G90 is stately, refined and one of the most luxurious large sedans on the road today. High praise without hyperbole.

And sure, Genesis is pushing a lot of EVs lately, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t still hitting on powerful six-cylinders. Case in point, my tester was the most-powerful iteration available for the new G90. The 3.5-liter V6 engine is both supercharged and twin-turbocharged for maximum power. It creates 409 horsepower and 405 pound-feet of torque and has an eight-speed automatic transmission. All-wheel drive is standard. If that engine choice is “too much” there is a less-powerful version that lacks the supercharging but still makes 375 horsepower.

The responsive steering and reactive brakes make for a quality performance. And for a larger sedan, it doesn’t drive big and is one of the quietest turbos. This is probably due in part to the double pane windows that help keep engine and road noise to a minimum.

That leads into the rest of the G90 that also impresses. The interior oozes with refinement and luxury with soft touchpoints, including a suede headliner. But the luxurious details extend to a 22-way power adjustable driver’s seat and a 16-way adjustable passenger seat. Additionally, the front seats are heated and also massage. The rear seats are heated and there are power window shades for rear passengers.

The legroom and headroom in the back seat is cavernous. You can literally stretch out your legs, cross your legs and have real back-seat comfort. This is why it’s a shame the full-size sedans are going the way of the dinosaur. They are honestly ideal for larger families and as executive vehicles.

The G90 has a 15.7 cubic-foot trunk and a hands-free power lid.

A 12.3-inch touchscreen is both aesthetically beautiful but flows well within the interior of the vehicle. It is also simple to use but integrates flawlessly with Apple and Android devices. A Bang & Olufsen sound system helps the overall value of the infotainment system.

As for “value” I throw quotation marks around that as the G90 has an MSRP of $98,700. With a premium paint color, the final price tag came to $100,370.

Fuel economy for the G90 is also gluttonous, and that’s not used in a good way. It has an EPA rating of 17 mpg/city and 24 mpg/highway. For an AWD V6 with a supercharger, that is the type of fuel economy you expect. You just aren’t used to that from a sedan.

In a way, the redesigned Genesis G90 is holding onto the way cars used to be. And that’s wonderful and glorious. Good for Genesis to make this flagship vehicle in such a way. Discerning consumers may approve ... if they have $100,000 lying around.

Jimmy Dinsmore is a freelance automotive journalist. Email him at Follow him on Twitter @driversside

2023 Genesis G90

Price/As tested price................................................ $98,700/$100,370

Mileage.......................................... 17 mpg/city; 24 mpg/hwy

Engine............................................. 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged supercharged V6

Horsepower................................. 409 hp/405 lbs./ft.

Transmission................................. 8-speed automatic

Drive Wheels................ All-wheel drive

Final Assembly Point................ Ulsan, Korea

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